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Your ideas for making a lot of simple fabric masks

By now, many of us are wearing masks when outdoors. I’ve found it tricky to get a comfortable fabric mask, and I’ve been lucky that my housemate’s girlfriend made me one. It was much appreciated.

Some thoughts:

Not everyone’s head/face is the same size.

I imagine it’s tricky finding smaller masks to fit kids.

Wearing a mask is tricky because I wear glasses. They make the glasses wobbly and can lead them to fogging up.

It’s nice to have a mask that is a decent fit but also is loose enough to be able to talk – say, on a phone call.

Many masks squash my nose.

Some questions:

Have you any ideas on companies (maybe clothing companies?) that could make a large amount of simple fabric masks of different sizes? Say between 10,000 and 100,000 per week?

Are there simple fabric mask designs I should look at that address some of the issues above?

Let me know if you’d like to help finding out how to get a lot of masks made. If so, I should be able to get them on an online store that should open soon with the COVID-19 initiative I’ve been working on.

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