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Alfa Laval Acquires Sandymount Technologies

As of December 31st 2020, Alfa Laval has acquired Sandymount Technologies.

The full press release is available here:

I have been able to work with many people since the idea for Sandymount started in a lab at MIT back in 2014. Thank you very much to:

  • The Sandymount Team – past and present, including advisors and board members, including those who helped formally and informally.
  • MIT – Prof. Lienhard’s laboratory, the Technology Licensing Office, the Translational Fellows Program, The Trust Center and MIT VMS – including mentors.
  • Our Clients at Sandymount who supported us through this journey – financially and through learning. I think that Alfa Laval will be able to provide you with even higher quality, more complete and better supported Revos solutions and I am very happy about this.
  • Our Suppliers and Service Providers, who helped us to scale from lab systems to commercial solutions.
  • Sandymount’s Investors, who believed in the vision for more sustainable beverage supply chains.
  • My Family and Friends who lived the startup experience with me.

I’m looking forward to helping Alfa Laval take advantage of the full potential of Sandymount’s technology, and – in time – to new business adventures.

Sláinte = Wishing you all good health!

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