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What is a Great Debate?

What is a great debate?
Is it one where the opponent is crushed?
Or where both are evenly matched?

What is a bad debate?
Is it Trump’s second debate with Biden?
Was it bad for a lack of content or an excess of drama?

Is a debate great in the same way as a sporting match?
Is a debate great in the same way as a physical battle?
Or, is knowledge what makes a debate great?

What is a great sporting match anyway?
Is it France vs Brazil in World Cup ’98?
Was it great because you are French?

Are the greatest debates ones where sides never meet?
Debates between Newton and Einstein?
A debate between Karl Popper and Rene Girard?

Maybe the greatest debates only have one side?
Why toot your own horn,
When two can toot two?

Are the greatest debates between equals?
Or, between unequals,
Where David triumphs over Goliath?

Whether for victory,
Or for knowledge,
What, for you, is the greatest debate?

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