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Weekend Links – Friday Dec 17th 2021

  1. Absolutely INSANE security article by Kraken. Whoever wrote this goes to extraordinary lengths to avoid being hacked.

  2. Could non-decentralised protocols like Celo or Solana find a pathway towards being censorship resistent (even if they never become highly decentralised)? Vitalik writes.

  3. In the case of stablecoins that are collateralised by crypto (e.g. Celo stables or DAI), is it better to have or not have a liquidation mechanism for collateral when crypto prices crash. Some of my thinking and some community discussion on the Celo Forum.

  4. In just over one century, Bitcoin will no longer have block rewards. At that point, it will be reliant on transaction fees to incentivise miners. Some interesting writing here from crypto practitioners.

  5. I recently discovered submarine swaps, which allow trustless exchanges between Bitcoin and Lightning (as offered on Actually, Muun (a Lightning and Bitcoin wallet) uses these swaps in the background instead of the lightning network itself (which allows Muun to be non-custodial). There’s now also a project that I hope succeeds to bridge Lightning with Celo.

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