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Weekend Links – Friday 8th Oct 2021

  1. Ginkgo Bioworks, an MIT spinout that recently went public via SPAC gets attacked in a short seller report by Scorpion Capital. Very aggressive language.
  2. Do you ever answer a question by saying: “That’s a great question!“. You probably won’t do that so often after listening to this hilarious podcast with Steven Dubner of Freakonomics.
  3. A scathing review of Eleven Madison Park‘s new vegan menu by Pete Wells: “In tonight’s performance, the role of the duck will be played by a beet, doing things no root vegetable should be asked to do.” (Paywalled).
  4. Modern strategies for charitable donation and public funding, notably “Quadratic Funding” by Vitalik Buterin. Something I’m thinking about doing.
  5. An Econtalk podcast covering two ideas on how to improve public governance and discourse – the second is the idea of creating a “fantasy public intellectual league“, a bit like fantasy football, but public intellectuals are scored according to how self aware and considering they are of counterarguments and empirical evidence.
  6. Quite a confrontational and highly recommended podcast on Utopian Feminism with Amia Srinivasan and Tyler Cowen.

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