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Weekend Links: Friday 5th Nov 2021

  1. Five Tweet Tuesdays. I subscribe to this guy’s short weekly newsletter (Shaan Puri). Very self-confident, and can be a bit much, but the brevity and quality of the tweets he shares is excellent.
  2. Beautiful visual explainer of gas pipelines and shortages in Europe. (From the Financial Times, not paywalled).
  3. Interview by an independent journalist of Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s rebranding to Meta.
  4. Story about $200M low/no windows student dorm funded by Warren Buffett’s Lieutenant Charlie Munger. I don’t know what to make of it. No windows doesn’t sound fun.
  5. Story from earlier this year on how Tesla uses stock options to avoid unionisation in its German factory.
  6. List of the top selling cars, by number, in Europe in June 2021. 1. Tesla Model 3; 2. Renault Clio; 3. Dacia Sandero (never heard of that one).

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