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Weekend Links: Friday 15th Oct 2021

  1. Stripe get back into crypto. I’ve written before how Stripe pulling out of crypto some years ago was bearish for crypto. Now they are back in. FOMO? I’m confused, but generally my assumption with Stripe is that whatever they are doing is probably smart.
  2. A time capsule of my sense of humour ten years ago. I was reminded of this by a reader who was digging deep in the archives.
  3. A recent interview with Lance Armstrong that gets into the biology of doping. Highly recommended.
  4. Is there strong evidence Facebook is doing harm? A pro-Facebook view. My view is that too much social media is probably harmful, but I think it’s a lot more difficult to measure the harm than media headlines imply.
  5. Google/Facebook ban ads that deny climate change. Would my piece discussing climate change be allowed according to their rules? Probably yes, but I’m generally concerned with this direction of blocking discourse – even, and maybe especially, of things that are commonly accepted.
  6. My latest blog describing a better way for governments to support charities.
  7. I’ve got a part-time job opening for a front end engineer on a new startup project. Any referrals are much appreciated.

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