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Weekend Links – December 31st 2021

  1. My 2021 performance doing yield farming. TL;DR – it’s hard.

  2. A blockchain copy of company cap tables, by Balaji S. I would love to have my company shares on a blockchain, but it remains tricky for founders to implement in line with regs.

  3. Bitcoin is boring – a perspective on why Bitcoin is not boring. As described in this article, I too went through a phase where I thought i) Bitcoin = great, ii) Bitcoin = limited compared to Ethereum, iii) actually, Bitcoin is simple and robust and Ethereum seems complicated.

  4. How technology replaces regulation, again by Balaji S. I worry a lot about open source blockchain/payment solutions being shut down/killed by regulation. In Europe, where there are so many countries, it’s not practical for a startup to get compliance everywhere. This tweet gives food for thought.

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