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Two Blips and a Blipín

AI Coding, Golden Turkey agus an Teanga Chripteagrafach

Coding is mostly done with AI

I was talking with two coders there on Thursday evening. They both use AI to write code for them. Either they use Github copilot (a Microsoft product) or they ask ChatGPT (now significantly Microsoft owned as well) to write code and they then copy-paste it over to where they are coding.

The AI isn’t completely accurate, so you need to know what you’re doing. Still, it’s much quicker than writing all the code yourself. One guy said he’ll happily pay $20 per month to ChatGPT for the tool. The other said his company is going to upgrade so they can get Github copilot.

Apparently ChatGPT is the fastest product to ever reach 100 monthly active users. It was launched about two months ago. If you haven’t tried it, you should.

Buying gold is common in Turkey

Given the Lira has suffered a lot of inflation, I asked a Turkish crowd what the locals do? Apparently buying gold is common, in both physical and digital form (where the bank holds it for you). Paying in gold via apps is also possible.

Would it be useful to have access to dollars, said I? We don’t like the dollar.

The Irish language is like crypto

I often ask myself why anyone uses either?

The answer reminded me of a piece I wrote 12 years ago: The World’s Imperceptible Slide Towards Standardisation. My writing seems overly complicated looking back now, but the last four paragraphs are readable!

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