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Three Tales from India

The fog that is not normal. McAloo Life. Lemonade.

The fog that is not normal.

We were young,

And it was winter and cold,

And the fog was kind of nice.


Then we got old,

And travelled out of Delhi,

And realised the fog wasn’t normal.

McAloo Life.

A McAloo meal for 99 rupees

Veggie burger, fries, and coke.


A bus blocked the crossroads.

We spoke to a man in Hindi.

Somethimg something…. ladakee (girl).

Something something…. ladaka (boy).


The bus hit a rickshaw.

A girl was killed,

A boy seriously injured.

The driver too.


Life can be taken away so easily.

Enjoy each McAloo.


Thali is a taste of everything.

Thali is a one stop shop.


Waiter: Thali is unlimited, sir!

Me: Yes, I’ll have the Thali… Unlimited!


Me: Can I have a Lassi?

Waiter: Lassi? Sure!

Me: Unlimited?!

Waiter: Lemonade?

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