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Ronan's Live Pre-Stream to the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting (Warren Buffett's Company)

Warren Buffett is likely the world’s most famous living investor. Each year, his company (Berkshire) holds a meeting with over 40,000 people where he takes questions for about six hours. This year, that meeting takes place at 4 pm Boston time (9 pm Irish time) on Saturday May 2nd and will all be compressed into a one hour meeting by video.

Right before the meeting, I’ll be doing a 30 min pre-stream – starting at 3.30 pm Boston time and 8.30 pm Irish time – to cover:

A little background on how Berkshire/Buffett makes money, including a very rough tour of the company’s cash flow and balance sheet.

Some comments/reaction to Berkshire’s results from the first quarter of 2020 (which likely reveal what Buffett did (or didn’t do) with his money during the market crash due to COVID). Note that these will only be realised early morning on May 2nd.

A preview of a few questions that Buffett is likely to get asked during the 45 min Q&A session.

Some links that may be of interest:

  1. A warm-up video if you’d like to hear the latest on Berkshire and from Buffett.

  2. A the link to the actual live stream of the meeting – starting at 4 pm Boston time (9 pm Irish).

  3. A link to my live pre-stream commentary – starting at 3.30 pm Boston time (8.30 pm Irish).

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