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Pinotio's Weekly Recap – Jul 28 2021

Hi folks, a few updates from over the last week. Rather than spamming this mailing list with every post, I’ll now only send out this weekly digest on Wednesdays.

Helium Network.

I have started a tax guide for hotspot owners, and also have a simple tax tool for calculating the tax basis for rewards live at .

The tax tool currently covers rewards and I plan to expand it to calculate capital gains.

Index Funds.

I’ve taken an interest in index funds of crypto tokens, with a view to creating some simple indices that are cheap and simple to invest in.

One very simple index is a 50-50 BTC-ETH fund. This is now possible – at low cost – on the Celo blockchain, and I’ve outlined how to invest in a post here.

I’m working towards setting up an index fund on the Ethereum blockchain. Let me know if there are specific baskets of cryptos that you think would be interesting to have available.

Bitcoin Lightning.

I’ve recently set up a Bitcoin Lightning node and plan to do a short series of posts on this project. Let me know if you have a node yourself and I can pass on my public node address.


I’ve started a weekly governance recap on Fridays. You can catch last week’s recap of Celo, MakerDao and Uniswap here.

That’s it for this week. Cheers.

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