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My First Crypto Auction: Best of Stargate


Show Notes:

Sponsored by

Stargate Website: www.Stargate.Finance

Centralised exchange for Stargate token:

Alameda Research (buyers of all of auction phase 1):

Decentralised exchange for Stargate token:

Eth gas price:

Corrections and Clarifications:

* At one point I state that Stargate is on 12 blockchains. I later correct this. Stargate is on 7 blockchains by the end of the auction, and can be traded with 12 tokens across those blockchains.

* There are 3 days in 72 hours (not 5-6 days as I wrongly stated!).

* The hack of Ronin did not involve a double-spend. Hackers gained control of four validators and simply move funds that were being controlled by those validators to the hackers’ own wallets.

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