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Making it easier for you to try non-alcoholic beer

Over the last few months, the Point 5 team has been selling on a third party online store. As of today, Point 5 is now also selling directly on our website at . By selling on our own website this gives flexibility in a few ways:

We felt it was too expensive for new fans to taste Point 5

Many of you are tasting a non-alcoholic beer for the first time. Until now, it was $36 (when you include shipping) to buy a 12-pack. This is a steep price to try for the first time. To tackle that, we’ve done two things:

1. We’re making available a Starter Pack (3 bottles) for $9.99 – including shipping.

2. We’re making it a flat price of $29.99 for our 12-pack – including shipping.

Basically, we found it’s annoying to see the price of a product and then have to pay for shipping on top, so we’re simplifying to all-in pricing, with just state sales tax that would be added on top.

For those of you who do order the Starter Pack, you’ll also be getting a welcome note with a discount on your first 12-pack order. Keep an eye out for that.

Let me know your suggestions for how we can keep improving the website, and make the Point 5 experience more fun and enjoyable. Cheers, Ronan (+Dana + Ad!)

P.S. You can reach our “Make it a Point 5” campaign launch blog here.

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