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How hard is it to create an eCommerce store?

Over the weekend, I set up a new website for Point 5 non-alcoholic beer using Shopify. Previously, I had been using wordpress/woocommerce in a way that was taking a lot of time and money. Using Shopify made me realise and appreciate how web tools are now at a level where someone like me – without web coding experience – can get a fully functional online store up and running. The fact that Shopify offers a full service platform makes things very easy (e.g. hosting your website, providing a simple interface to design the website, providing payment solutions, providing integration with Google, Facebook, Amazon and Walmart shops).

Being able to easily build an eCommerce store like this is a very beautiful thing because:
1. Instead of spending time or money on coding a website, I can spend that time and money on improving the product and marketing the product.

2. Since I built the website myself, if there are things that need to be fixed, I can easily do them myself. Making quick changes like this is very valuable in the early stage of a business.

If any of you are thinking of doing an online store – even just for fun – I highly recommend it. The technology that is available nowadays is amazing and allows anyone to go from zero to store in less than a day.

Now on to the harder challenge of marketing and driving sales :)

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