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Even Better than Winning the Lotto… Eating Fudge

Winnin’ the Irish lotto,
Z’not nearly as good as fudge,
You’ll be hassled for ransoms,
And pints for the lads,
And you’ll never get out of the woods.
Myself, here at home, will be good,
Stoking fires with wood from the woods,
Whilst I look at the draw,
Need no luck of the draw,
Because week after week, I win fudge.

You’re probably wondering about the blobby gloop of shiny brown stuff in the photo above. That, my blogees, is none other than fudge, or what was meant to be fudge, photographed with an anti-red-eye flash, because I wanted to do those red cherries justice. To be truthful, what you see is beyond fudge; caramel, to be precise. Depending on altitude, the boiling point of fudge should be somewhere between 112 and 116 Celsius, beyond which temperature you move into the caramel, toffee and hard sweets zone. Unfortunately, whilst making fudge I ended up with the insides of a Cadbury’s Roses barrel. It’s also what they put on top of the nougat in a Mars bar, overcooked brown fudge. Now, I’ll leave ye with some FFF.

Fun Fudge Facts:

  1. Fudge is the only five letter word in the English language beginning with “F” and with the following four letters following in the following order “U”, “D”, “G”, “E”.
  2. Fudge is approximately 85% sugar, just behind caramel at 87%, nougat at 92%, toffee at 99% and burnt sugar at 100%. If toffee were the puitín of sweets, fudge would be the Baileys. (Puitín is the Irish for moonshine, not Russian prime minister.)
  3. Googling “Diabetic Fudge” revealed 380,000 results and still I don’t understand.
  4. Fudge is bad for children’s teeth but good for parents ears.
  5. A certain percentage of you blogees are now going to go off and make some fudge… zero that’s a percentage.

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