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Don’t you dare bundle or unbundle

Do not bundle!

“Slack” is a communication/messaging app – now owned by Salesforce. Microsoft’s version of Slack is called “Teams”.

Many companies use Microsoft Office (Word/Excel/Powerpoint) and Microsoft Outlook. To undercut Slack, Microsoft has included Teams “for free” in the price when companies buy Microsoft Office/Outlook. Even if Teams is a bit worse as a standalone product, it makes sense for teams already using Office/Outlook to just use Teams instead of pay for Slack.

This use of bundling by Microsoft is a disgrace!

Do not un-bundle!

Historically, there was a lot included when you bought a flight – a snack, a free carry on, a free checked bag, the ability to select a seat.

Then Ryanair came along and decided to charge separately for everything. It’s ridiculous, someday we might even have to pay for the toilet on airplane separately.

This use of unbundling by Ryanair is a disgrace!

Don’t bundle or unbundle!

Companies should not be allowed to bundle! At the same time, they should not be allowed to unbundle!

Stay tuned for the follow-up piece: “Do NOT engage in competitive practises or anti-competitive practises”

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