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Department of Attack

There have been “Departments of War” and “Ministers for War”, but I’ve never heard of a “Department of Attack”.

It’s more palatable to have a Department of Defence. There are cases where “attack is the best form form of defence”, so, technically, it’s not even limiting….


Reading between the lines…

  • Strength (first economic, and then military) should not be underestimated for economic security and peace.
  • Economic strength (first) and military strength (second) are undervalued in Ireland and in Europe. Although slightly less undervalued than pre-2022.
  • Building economic strength as a deterrent must be a priority.
  • Building military deterrence and strength needs extremely carefully considered BECAUSE there is always the big danger of building a war machine and a department of attack.
  • One should not be so naive to think that there can be such thing as a pure department of defence.

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