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Can clocks boost Irish GDP?

Here’s the proposal: Move the Irish time zone one or two hours closer to the US – making it easier for Irish companies to sell and support the US market.

Why?: The US is a large homogenous economy that mostly speaks the same language as Ireland. Time zones still pose a big constraint for doing business (specifically, selling AND providing ongoing customer support).

Let’s have a look at Irish Services exports in 2021, broken down by destination (

and then let’s look at how that was in 2000:

The dynamic is shifting fairly rapidly towards the US.

Ireland should absolutely do business with every country, but the US is a) a very big homogenous market b) with a higher willingness to pay for products, c) lower VAT rates, and d) higher economic growth than Europe. So, it seems worth asking the question as to whether there is a better time zone for Ireland.

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