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Boston Bhangra Basics

This Punjabi dance is one of the most energetic I’ve seen, with feet faster than Irish Riverdance and arms swinging like volley ball players.

Getting started:
For men: The long skirt is essential, adding bright colour to the common wide legged stances. A matching peacock-like head-dress further augments the outfit and the occasional head movements.
For ladies: Baggy trousers form the lower half allowing for nimble but graceful leaps and bounds. A matching veil tops off the costume and follows in the wake of those graceful moves.

When it comes to accessories, sticks and accordion-like wooden frames made almost guaranteed appearances in each 10 minute display. The accordion-like frames seemed a common means to begin, providing a musical beat as they closed and visual art as they opened.

A quality work out and vibrant audio visual entertainment.


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