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Arrival in Italy

Just arrived in Italy and I’m trying to get away with
communicating using my phrase-book Spanish. I’m not really sure what Italians
would prefer to experience, poor Spanish, Irish-English or spontaneous
I arrived there at the Rome Airport train station this
evening. I’d planned to take the train, that’s why I went to the train station.
They leave every 30 minutes and the next one was at 17:38. So I went over to
the ticket desk – it was 17:35. The man by the desk spoke decent English but wanted
to sell me a ticket for a shuttle! (Strange, I can’t imagine getting a ticket
in Ireland for a taxi or a shuttle from the same person that sells train
tickets.) When I asked if I could take the train I was told I’d have to wait 30
minutes… or else I could take the shuttle now, for an extra euro. The train was
on time, I was told, so the doors had been locked to prepare for departure!!!
“I’ll take the shuttle” I said and took out my card. “Cash
please”…. “ok… where is the cash machine?”
I went over to the cash machine, swapped the language from
Italiano to English and whipped out some fresh Euro. Over to the desk I went…
“Can I take a shuttle ticket please?”. “Awww, ohhh, awww, the shuttle has just
gone” he said. “When is the next shuttle?” “The next shuttle will be in 30
minutes, or the train in 20 minutes, so it would be better for you to take the
Travel tip #1: Always carry some local currency

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