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Apply for $100k Investment

Angel Investing in Pre-Seed/Seed Stage Companies

How to apply:

  • Send an email to ronan@[this domain] with a one-page memo, a pitch deck and deal terms.

What conditions need to be met to apply?

  • Founders who know me, either from online or in person.

  • Your startup must be pre-seed or seed-stage.

  • You must have set deal terms (ideally a SAFE or convertible note).

  • Startups with strong network effects.

Where does the money come from?

  • Investments will come from Sahil Lavignia’s Rolling Fund, in which I (Ronan) am an investor, and for which I am a scout.

  • As a scout, I earn a share of the fund’s carry based on how many investments I present and are accepted.

  • There is no direct charge or fee to startups for taking an investment. Sahil’s carry and shared carry to scouts like me is paid by the fund’s investors.

What is the process?

  • I review your email either decline OR present the deal to Sahil.

  • About 10% of the deals I present will move to a short call with Sahil.

  • Overall turn-around is very quick. Typically less than one week from initial email to decision.

Ronan, why don’t you just run your own fund?

  • I don’t have enough deal-flow (or free time) to justify having my own fund. I wouldn’t be able to find enough high quality deals per year to be diversified. For now, it makes sense for me to invest in a larger fund and support that fund.

Can I directly apply to Sahil’s fund?

Sure! And if you don’t know me, that’s probably your best option because I won’t be able to provide a recommendation/intro.

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