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A brief story about selling hand sanitizer online.

When the COVID-19 Response team (Anton, Ad, Dana, Gina, John, Barry) got together, one of the issues in getting hand sanitizer production started was finding the money to pay for all of the ingredients and bottles upfront. Thanks to a distribution partner we were able to get funds to kick production off. Selling online was hard at that point though because – for online sales – you more or less have to have the product ready (or ready soon) to be able to sell.

Now that we’ve been up and running a while, we’re in a position to start selling online and are doing that in 32 packs of 8 oz bottles on our new website . The thinking is that businesses will need these quantities as things start to open up again.

Right now we’re just selling to 48 states in the US and have 8 oz bottles. The hope is to expand out to doing other supplies soon – likely starting with 64 oz sanitizer bottles. Here is a quick video on the product.

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