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Wifi that stretches for miles

Helium provides a communication network using hotspots that people install in their homes.
As a hotspot owner you earn helium tokens – a cryptocurrency – for providing coverage.
There are now about 5,000 hotspots in the world, providing full coverage in most major US cities.
So far, the Helium network has been used for tagging/tracking devices and also smart water meters, among other applications.

Alfa Laval Acquires Sandymount Technologies

Alfa Laval Acquires Sandymount Technologies.

Newsletters are all the rage.

Newsletters are in vogue, particularly as companies like Substack have made it easy to set up a newsletter on a freemium model.

What is affiliate marketing and how to use it to make money or increase sales?

Affiliate marketing allows you to get paid a commission when you link products from your website or social media accounts.
Many companies have an affiliate program, including Amazon, that is easy to sign up for.
I set up an Amazon affiliate account and made videos for two products I like to see how it works. Here is what I learned.

Why Digital Advertising Sucks

It is entirely possible that advertising works, but digital advertising is in a bubble. My direct experience with paid advertising, and my reading of the references above, have brought this to light for me, although I am far from the first.

Hand Sanitizer, Startups and Still Waiting for $120,000 from Amazon

Over the three-month period, the business was involved in producing over 1.2M bottles of hand sanitizer… with $500,000 donated as of the end of August, split between five charities: Fathers Uplift Inc.; Y2Y Network; Fresno Barrios Unidos; My Stuff Bags Foundation; and Urban Revival Inc.