Hand Sanitizer, Startups and Still Waiting for $120,000 from Amazon

Over the three-month period, the business was involved in producing over 1.2M bottles of hand sanitizer… with $500,000 donated as of the end of August, split between five charities: Fathers Uplift Inc.; Y2Y Network; Fresno Barrios Unidos; My Stuff Bags Foundation; and Urban Revival Inc.

How hard is it to create an eCommerce store?

Over the weekend, I set up a new website for Point 5 non-alcoholic beer using Shopify. Previously, I had been using wordpress/woocommerce in a way that was taking a lot of time and money. Using Shopify made me realise and appreciate how web tools are now at a level where someone like me – withoutContinue reading “How hard is it to create an eCommerce store?”

Can you teach entrepreneurship? Part 3: How to make better decisions

Have you ever tried to make a decision by writing down, weighting and then rating a few different factors you felt were important? Maybe it was while picking a job, maybe it was picking a university course or maybe it was deciding on an employee to hire. If so, I think there’s a better wayContinue reading “Can you teach entrepreneurship? Part 3: How to make better decisions”

Part 2: Check-boxes for startup success (inspired by Peter Thiel)

In this part, I’m going to combine some rules of thumb to predict the success of a startup. The model will be based on three of the four characteristics that Peter Thiel feels are important for a startup to achieve a monopoly (take a look at chapter 5). The model may give some insights into why it might be that ventureContinue reading “Part 2: Check-boxes for startup success (inspired by Peter Thiel)”