What alternatives to Facebook and Twitter?

Summary Whether you think Twitter/Facebook should ban users or not, the crux of the matter is that Facebook/Twitter have a lot of influence. Mastodon.online provides a more decentralised version of Twitter. The most robust option is for everyone to have their own website and to link websites together in feeds. This isn’t fully slick, butContinue reading “What alternatives to Facebook and Twitter?”

Who are You?

“Hi, my name is, what? My name is, who?My name is, chka-chka Slim Shady” Eminem / Slim Shady Summary: Bio-metric verification (iris, face scans etc.) is one (likely) direction for the future of security and passwords. There are risks around being identifiable by personal traits, and some of these risks may be mitigated by anContinue reading “Who are You?”

Hashtag One Euro Carbon

The beauty of a referendum is that there are often only two answers, “yes” and “no”. What we have at the Paris Climate Change convention is the exact opposite of a referendum: there are far too many questions, far too many proposals and far too many possible answers. Rather than debate who should be allowed toContinue reading “Hashtag One Euro Carbon”