Pure Decent Books About How the World Works – May 2016

1. Debt: The First 5,000 Years, By David Graeber. Great book because it gets us out of our very modern and restricted understanding of how money and debt work. Perhaps, most interestingly, it debunks the idea that financial crises are a modern phenomenon – rather, they have existed for millennia. The book also suggests thatContinue reading “Pure Decent Books About How the World Works – May 2016”

Hannah Arendt, The Film – A Masterpiece

Hannah Arendt is a the most complex and masterful of films that I, in my short years, have seen. The film, so fraught with subtlety and infused with dilemmas, can only leave the audience in curious awe of human nature, numbing all recollection of whether it was shot in colour or black and white. TheContinue reading “Hannah Arendt, The Film – A Masterpiece”