Taking out the Salt

The large amounts of water required in the hydraulic fracturing of shales for oil or gas is a pressing concern. In hydraulic fracturing, water is sent  down underground at high pressures to fracture the rocks below, allowing gas or oil to be released and captured. When water returns to the surface it often contains large amountsContinue reading “Taking out the Salt”

Desalination: Is it better to remove the water or the salt?

This blog is based upon “The cost effectiveness of electrodialysis for diverse salinity applications” by Ronan K. McGovern, Syed M. Zubair and John H. Lienhard, published in Desalination. For researchers of new desalination technologies, the question of whether and why salt removal makes economic sense is a very important and relevant one. At present, theContinue reading “Desalination: Is it better to remove the water or the salt?”