The benefits of hybridising electrodialysis with reverse osmosis

In a recently published paper in the Journal of Membrane Science, Prof. Syed Zubair, Prof. Lienhard and I reported on how the cost of achieving high purity water with electrodialysis, an electrically driven technology, can be reduced through hybridisation with reverse osmosis, a pressure driven technology. In reverse osmosis, water is pressurised and forced through a membrane thatContinue reading “The benefits of hybridising electrodialysis with reverse osmosis”

The Importance of Intensive Innovation

Upon recommendation, I recently took my first look at “The Big Bang Theory”, only to realise that a season of “Star Trek” is an important pre-requisite. In some ways, it is reassuring that the futuristic depictions of Star Trek have not come to be true. The day we forecast technology will be the cul deContinue reading “The Importance of Intensive Innovation”

Engineering for changing ages

How many people can you fit on a planet? 2012 is the year we reached 7 billion, though the question of population growth has long been a source of vigorous discussion. Less contentious, but just as important are the changes in the shape of our populations. The world’s population is growing older and the world of 2050Continue reading “Engineering for changing ages”

Uncertain about uncertainty?

How uncertain are we of our uncertainties? What risks are there of risks? Sometimes our analysis goes too deep. Sometimes we build predictions of predictions that predict reality, introducing information that really was never there. Yet, isn’t the uncertainty of uncertainty intriguing, illusive and important, in understanding our climate, our economies our science and our engineering? InContinue reading “Uncertain about uncertainty?”