Some things I’m working on – Monday April 13th 2020

Howdy folks, about time for me to knock the cobwebs off of this blog. Here are a few things I’ve been working on lately that you may be interested in. Or, you may just want to find out why the featured image is an aardvark. 1: Non-alcoholic Beer – Growing Point 5’s online sales. SomeContinue reading “Some things I’m working on – Monday April 13th 2020”

Marketing is the solution to our world’s water problems

It’s not technology! it’s not finance! Advertising, or perhaps more correctly, marketing is the solution to our water problems and here is why. There is a great solution out there to improving our water supplies. That solution is to reuse the waste-water we produce. As Paddy Padmanathan of ACWA Power pointed out today at the world congress in SanContinue reading “Marketing is the solution to our world’s water problems”

Taking out the Salt

The large amounts of water required in the hydraulic fracturing of shales for oil or gas is a pressing concern. In hydraulic fracturing, water is sent  down underground at high pressures to fracture the rocks below, allowing gas or oil to be released and captured. When water returns to the surface it often contains large amountsContinue reading “Taking out the Salt”

The benefits of hybridising electrodialysis with reverse osmosis

In a recently published paper in the Journal of Membrane Science, Prof. Syed Zubair, Prof. Lienhard and I reported on how the cost of achieving high purity water with electrodialysis, an electrically driven technology, can be reduced through hybridisation with reverse osmosis, a pressure driven technology. In reverse osmosis, water is pressurised and forced through a membrane thatContinue reading “The benefits of hybridising electrodialysis with reverse osmosis”