A Simple Explanation of Why Home Antigen Testing is Effective

Isolation based on COVID symptoms is helpful and important, but far from perfect.
Contagion can happen before symptoms or without symptoms.
An inaccurate test (say, 30% false negatives) is likely more accurate than isolating based on symptoms.
Cheap quick (15 min) antigen tests accurately detect contagiousness (often 95%+).
Governments should make emergency allowance for antigen tests that are authorised for clinical use to be used at home. They’re easy to use.

COVID Notes: Ventilation & Anyone know where to buy home test strips?

It’s good that vaccines are progressing. However, we should remain cautious because it is possible COVID will mutate, and the vaccine will become less effective. While the vaccine is rolling out, the higher number of infections, the easier for the vaccine to mutate.