Hashtag One Euro Carbon

The beauty of a referendum is that there are often only two answers, “yes” and “no”. What we have at the Paris Climate Change convention is the exact opposite of a referendum: there are far too many questions, far too many proposals and far too many possible answers. Rather than debate who should be allowed toContinue reading “Hashtag One Euro Carbon”

Marketing is the solution to our world’s water problems

It’s not technology! it’s not finance! Advertising, or perhaps more correctly, marketing is the solution to our water problems and here is why. There is a great solution out there to improving our water supplies. That solution is to reuse the waste-water we produce. As Paddy Padmanathan of ACWA Power pointed out today at the world congress in SanContinue reading “Marketing is the solution to our world’s water problems”

The Dirty Secret of Entrepreneurship

The dirty secret of entrepreneurship is that, to be successful as an (for-profit) entrepreneur, you need to excel at something that is useless in itself. In short, to be successful you need to excel at capturing the value you create. While, value creation can be productive for society, the efforts needed to capture value are, in themselves, unproductive. TheyContinue reading “The Dirty Secret of Entrepreneurship”

Engineering for changing ages

How many people can you fit on a planet? 2012 is the year we reached 7 billion, though the question of population growth has long been a source of vigorous discussion. Less contentious, but just as important are the changes in the shape of our populations. The world’s population is growing older and the world of 2050Continue reading “Engineering for changing ages”

Uncertain about uncertainty?

How uncertain are we of our uncertainties? What risks are there of risks? Sometimes our analysis goes too deep. Sometimes we build predictions of predictions that predict reality, introducing information that really was never there. Yet, isn’t the uncertainty of uncertainty intriguing, illusive and important, in understanding our climate, our economies our science and our engineering? InContinue reading “Uncertain about uncertainty?”