Pure Decent Books About How the World Works – May 2016

1. Debt: The First 5,000 Years, By David Graeber. Great book because it gets us out of our very modern and restricted understanding of how money and debt work. Perhaps, most interestingly, it debunks the idea that financial crises are a modern phenomenon – rather, they have existed for millennia. The book also suggests thatContinue reading “Pure Decent Books About How the World Works – May 2016”

Hashtag One Euro Carbon

The beauty of a referendum is that there are often only two answers, “yes” and “no”. What we have at the Paris Climate Change convention is the exact opposite of a referendum: there are far too many questions, far too many proposals and far too many possible answers. Rather than debate who should be allowed toContinue reading “Hashtag One Euro Carbon”

Please stop giving me things for free

Dear Spirit Airlines, I recently booked my first flight with you Spirit and was pleasantly surprised. You are the first airline I have seen to charge separately for carrying on a small sized suitcase. As a passenger who wears only shorts, a light white vest and sandals – even to the winter olympics – IContinue reading “Please stop giving me things for free”

Could Donald Trump have made more money sitting on his hands?

The short version Plausibly yes. It does seem plausible that Mr. Trump could be richer today if he had invested his inheritance in a broad range of stocks and left it there from 1974 until today. The long version First, some assumptions (which you should feel free to argue with the the comments below). Assumptions: Assume thatContinue reading “Could Donald Trump have made more money sitting on his hands?”