Sapiens: My review of a book about humans

The cover of Harari’s book reads “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind”. In fact, the book is more a philosophical meditation on the past, present and future of humans than a historical account. The author takes questions including: what is a human?, and, what makes humans happy?, and explores them through the lens of hunter-gatherer,Continue reading “Sapiens: My review of a book about humans”

Hannah Arendt, The Film – A Masterpiece

Hannah Arendt is a the most complex and masterful of films that I, in my short years, have seen. The film, so fraught with subtlety and infused with dilemmas, can only leave the audience in curious awe of human nature, numbing all recollection of whether it was shot in colour or black and white. TheContinue reading “Hannah Arendt, The Film – A Masterpiece”