COVID Notes: Ventilation & Anyone know where to buy home test strips?

It’s good that vaccines are progressing. However, we should remain cautious because it is possible COVID will mutate, and the vaccine will become less effective. While the vaccine is rolling out, the higher number of infections, the easier for the vaccine to mutate.

What is affiliate marketing and how to use it to make money or increase sales?

Affiliate marketing allows you to get paid a commission when you link products from your website or social media accounts.
Many companies have an affiliate program, including Amazon, that is easy to sign up for.
I set up an Amazon affiliate account and made videos for two products I like to see how it works. Here is what I learned.

What’s the story with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin provokes strong reactions – positive and negative. Warren Buffett thinks Bitcoin is a bubble (“rat poison squared”). Meanwhile, large public companies are starting to get on board with Bitcoin – Square recently bought $50M worth and Paypal are planning to add Bitcoin to Venmo in 2021.