Life Coaching

Dragging feet on midnight tiles, The drag of a fag’s last quarter inch, Eyelids tilt over powder-dry eyes, Bus doors encapsulate night crowds. A saturated Luas, saturated with gazers Penetrating windows with dark open pupils, Traffic, lopsided, peers at city lights. My lopsided head on the bus window pane; Just resting. Office spaces, vacant butContinue reading “Life Coaching”

Cheesecake Pagers and Flavours

In my hotel with a pager, A permit to taste thirty flavours; In just a short while We’ll all dine in fine style, Obes’ty the only great danger. We’re looking for something that’s tasty, And more than just simple pastry, Biscuit crumbly as hell And some cream cheese as well, Why not some cheesecake inContinue reading “Cheesecake Pagers and Flavours”