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4Q2023 Investing Report

As per usual, I’ll take you through updates on:

  1. Talmud Fund – Personally held investments – aiming for steady returns and diversification.

2. Growth Fund – A Long term, but more aggressively invested fund – stocks only.

a. Private Stocks

b. Public Stocks

3. Fun – Random fun stuff.

The usual disclaimer applies, that this is me sharing my approach, not giving advice to you or anyone else on investing.

Talmud Fund

Stocks and REITs moved up in the 4th quarter of 2023 (as interest rate cuts were signalled). This meant that in my goal of holding:

  • 33% stocks (Berkshire)
  • 33% REITs (Simon Property Group)
  • 33% TIPS, currencies (GBP, CHF, EUR, USD), gold

I’m a bit overweight on stocks and REITS. But these investments aren’t in a tax deferred or advantaged account, so I tend not to sell if I’m in a position of gain.

This leaves me with a bit of a dilemma of whether to hold Berkshire and Simon Property Group indefinitely, OR rebalance and realise taxable gains over time. For now, I’m not doing anything.

Growth Fund

Public Stocks

I made one purchase and am sizing up another – for which I’ll share a quick valuation analysis I did using ChatGPT:

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