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🥊 Scrappy Startup Sales: February 2023

A Tiny Bootcamp

As an engineer building a startup, it’s hard to spend time focused on sales and marketing. I want to build stuff instead. While in the entrepreneurship center at MIT, I picked up a few tricks and tools for doing startup sales. I’ve learned a few more since then and made a five-part Tiny Bootcamp for founders. Each part is a video less than 2 mins long.

If you’re a subscriber to The Blip, check the very top of this email for free access to the full course. Full details follow below!

🥊 What is “Scrappy Startup Sales”
It’s a five part “Tiny Bootcamp” for reaching new customers!

What you’ll get from this bootcamp?
👉 See how I search for target customers.
👉 Watch how I find their correct email address.
👉 Learn how I write cold emails.

Does this work?
– At Sandymount (acquired by Alfa Laval), these tips landed top-5 brewers as customers.
– At Trelis founder I’m using these tips to engage key merchants and payment processors.

What’s the time commitment?
-> Five 2 min videos.
-> Optionally, watch a further 20 mins of bonus content

What does the course cost?

❊ Subscribers to The Blip received a free access code by email. The public link to the course is here.


Week 1: Setting up your simple sales tools.
Week 2: Building customer target lists.
Week 3: Getting target customer names.
Week 4: Finding target customer emails.
Week 5: Writing and sending cold emails.

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